Mad Barn Bioplex Zinc

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Mad Barn Bioplex Zinc
Mad Barn Bioplex Zinc

In horses, Zinc is a major component of skin and hair and supports normal growth and tissue health. Zinc is a structural component of a variety of enzymes that are involved in immune function, energy metabolism, nervous system function, and protein synthesis.

Mad Barn’s Bioplex Zinc is a bulk powder mineral supplement that provides zinc bound to amino acids to ensure it is easily absorbed and readily metabolized.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is a component of over 100 enzymes involved in a wide range of functions including the transmission of nerve impulses, reproductive health, and protein synthesis.

The recommended zinc intake for horses is 400 mg per day for a mature, 500 kg horse that is lightly exercised. For horses that are lactating, the requirement is increased to 500 mg per day.

Horses also lose a significant amount of zinc through perspiration, measured at a rate of approximately 20 mg/L. Performance horses and horses engaged in heavy work require 500 mg per day to meet the minimum requirement.

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