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Select The Best Nu Hoof Accelerator

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Select The Best Nu Hoof Accelerator

Nu-Hoof Accelerator is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement with B-Vitamins featuring biotin, high levels of Amino Acids, 4-Plex EQ Metal Specific Amino Acid Complexes for rapid hoof growth and stronger hoof walls. Pelleted for ease of feeding, Nu-Hoof Accelerator is best fed where quick results are needed, or fed to finicky horses.

Features & Benefits:

  • Biotin and B-Vitamins- Supports Optimal Hoof Growth
  • 4-Plex EQ Metal Specific Amino Acids Complexes for Faster Stronger Results
  • Lysine and Methionine- Essential Amino Acids for Protein Utilization and Improved Hoof Strength
  • Pelleted, Easy to Chew Stabilized Rice Bran Pellets
  • Probiotics for B-Vitamin Uptake

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