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USPC Manual of Horsemanship A Level

Canadian Pony Club

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USPC Manual of Horsemanship A Level
The equestrian skill-base and attitude which can take you on lovely hacks, galloping down a beach, hunting, competing at local shows and all the way to the Olympics, are developed from your first learning session at home. The skills and attitude you develop here and now are what will carry you through your life,” writes internationally renowned equestrian coach Jen Marsden Hamilton.

In A Jump Ahead, Hamilton illuminates this principle with beautiful photos, detailed illustrations and her trademark wit.
Hamilton has coached countless riders and horses in her comprehensive training program for jumpers in riding arenas around the world for over 45 years. Now, for the first time, it is compiled in this concise book of exercises and insightful strategies to help you train with correctness and form good habits at home so you can be a star at competitions.
Each chapter of this full-colour book provides riders and coaches with exercises of increasing complexity, including: detailed set-up instructions and illustrations; the purpose and strategy for the training session; and helpful tips, to ensure coaches, riders and horses are benefiting from correct practice at home.  
Hamilton’s students appear throughout the book, sharing their experiences, demonstrating their successes, and endorsing the jumper training they have benefited from at clinics and lessons with Canada’s highest accredited jumper coach.
Riders of all levels who are interested in improving their performance in the competition arena will benefit from Hamilton’s home-training system. Readers everywhere will enjoy Hamilton’s straight-talking advice and wry humour.   
Forewords by renowned American coach and horseman George H. Morris, and New Zealand Olympian Clarke Johnstone.

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