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Orange aPeel concentrated cleaner

Orange aPeel

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Orange aPeel concentrated cleaner
Orange aPEEL®™ For Pets has the same specifications as our regular Orange aPEEL®™. Used by groomers, kennel owners and veterinarians for multiple cleaning purposes also reduces the odour of disinfectant. Orange aPEEL®™ Super Concentrate comes in 2 sizes in health product and pet labels 473 ml, 2L • Super concentrated and is a natural organic cleaner, stain remover, deordorizer and degreaser. • Made from high grade d’ Limonene produced from the peel and seeds of oranges. • Is extremely versatile, it cleans stains and odors from vehicles to carpets, kitchens to bathrooms, laundry to floors, use it on everything CAUTION: (check plastic first.) • A fresh, natural fragrance that makes cleaning everything less of a chore!

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