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McIntosh Pro Line DMAC Joint Supplement

Horse Health

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McIntosh Pro Line DMAC Joint Supplement

McIntosh Pro Line • DMac™ has proven to be a successful joint supplement. Designed for Doug McIntosh to use in his stable to maintain healthy joints for horses in training and racing. DMac™ is also an essential tool in providing the proper nutrients to stimulate proper bone development in growing yearlings to prepare them for a life of strenuous competition.

Whether you are training, racing, eventing, gaming or showing DMac™ will benefit your horse.
DMac™ is a synergistic combination of MSM, Glucosamine Sulfate (HCL), Shark Cartilage, Ester C®, Yucca, and Flax Seed Meal.
Packaged in our new state-of-the-art “stay fresh” re-sealable pouch.
Add just one scoop (20g)
Available in 2lb packs.

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