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Jolly Mega Ball


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Jolly Mega Ball
Jolly Mega Ball
Jolly Mega Ball
Designed for extra durability for horses of all sizes. Anti-burst design can withstand up to 2,500 lb. of pressure. This allows you to inflate the ball to its full capacity without hesitation. Includes informational brochure for proper inflation and care.
To check if your Jolly Ball has been inflated to full capacity, stand inflated ball upright and measure the height. The medium (blue) ball should measure 30" high and the large (green) ball should measure 40" high. If not the proper height, continue to inflate. It is important to know balls that are not inflated cannot be measured with accuracy, as the anti-burst material of the ball stretches out. 
  • Anti-burst design
  • Inflation information included

40" green available

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