JIN Original Aluminum Stirrup

JIN Canada

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JIN Original Aluminum Stirrup
JIN Original Aluminum Stirrup

JIN Stirrups are 100% made in Italy, using top quality aluminum. The stirrup pad, inclined at 4 degrees from back to front, ensures excellent grip and maximum stability. The stirrups weigh less than 300 grams each - providing knee joint relief, and the wide footpad distributes the rider's weight over a greater surface area, increasing circulation to the toes.

The stirrup colour is obtained through a process of anodic oxidization. The Original JIN has a shiny finish; bold and vibrant.  The silver JIN is permitted for use in hunter, jumper, equitation and dressage competition.

Original JIN and KINKO stirrups are the same stirrup construction (features listed above) - their difference lies in the colour treatment. JINs are full colour (arch and foot pad), and KINKOs are half colour (colour arch, silver foot pad).

JIN Stirrups are sold as a pair.

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