Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller 12.5cm

happy mouth

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Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller 12.5cm

The Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller Pro King Dee Ring Bit has stainless steel Dee rings. With the polymer coated mouth and lozenge, this double jointed bit softens the "nutcracker" effect. Unlike the regular Happy Mouth King Dee rings, the "Pro" Dee cheeks do not have the Happy Mouth covering on the cheeks of the Dee rings. This makes it a nice bit for the show ring. Because of this configuration, this bit will measure approximately 1/4 inch less than the stated size so please take this into consideration when ordering.

Carefully crafted with your horse in mind, Happy Mouth bits are manufactured with a tasty, apple fragrance polymer coating to encourage your horse to accept the bit. These gentle bits prove that a happy mouth makes a happy horse!

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