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Dale Rodrigez Pleasure Reining Saddle


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Dale Rodrigez Pleasure Reining Saddle
Dale Rodrigez Pleasure Reining Saddle

This Reiner Saddle by Dale Rodrigez has classic lines and a sleek design. While designed as a reining saddle, the majority of our clients love this saddle as a pleasure and trail saddle.  

Its light weight reiner tree will ensure you the greatest range of motion without the fear of slipping. It also features in skirt close contact rigging and engraved stirrups. The chestnut leather has been hand stamped in floral designs.

Tree: Full quarter horse bar 7.25" Gullet.

Cantle: 4"

Seat: 16"

All of Dale's Saddles are hand tooled and come with a 5 year tree guarantee.

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