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Back On Track Tendon Boots

Back On Track

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Back On Track Tendon Boots
Back On Track Tendon Boots

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, Royal not only provides
provide soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy, they
offer essential protection for the forelegs tendons, which
is particularly important during high energy activities
(show jumping, for example) when the hind foot can extend
forward, strike and damage the tendon on the front leg. The
Tendon Boots combine a hardwearing, nylon laminated TPU
outer casing with a thick, soft neoprene inner (perforated for
extra ventilation/air flow) and lined with the revolutionary
Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. Designed for comfort and
protection, the durable Tendon Boots are easy to apply and
the tough elastic straps & brass buckles ensure a secure
fit. Their high density effectively distributes pressure and
absorbs impact.


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