Back On Track Calf Brace

Back On Track

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Back On Track Calf Brace

The Back On Track® Calf Brace provides a unique combination of protection, quality and comfort. Often, muscle pain and damage may arise from weakness and tightness in the calf muscles, which can occur if you are on your feet for prolonged periods of time and find your muscles tiring. This process of overstretching could result in severe injuries and fibre tears. Injuries like this are known as calf strains or ruptures and may occur during sports such as basketball, tennis, and running (wherein the person suddenly pushes off from a stationary position or has to change direction quickly). Another painful cause of injury, though far less severe, is the calf muscle cramp or spasm.

The Back On Track® Calf Brace is popular among those who are looking for a product to assist in recovery and/or the prevention of an injury. Using mild compression, the brace gently works with your body to increase circulation and well-being, while using the infusion of our breathable Welltex® technology to bring you the comfort and durability you need to perform.

To get the right size, measure the calf in the widest place.

S 34-37 cm
M 38-40 cm
L 41-43 cm
XL 44-46 cm

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