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Training Aids

Equisential Trainers Spur

Professionals Choice

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Equisential Trainers Spur

Equisential Trainers Spur

Equisential Trainers Spur by Professional's Choice is a Western spur with stylish ten-point rowel. A 1" wide band in polished steel and a unique 2.5" curved shank combine for an attractive, useful spur.

  • Adult size
  • 1" band
  • 2.5" curved shank
  • 10 point rowel
  • Steel

Professional's Choice Equisential Trainers Spur is made with polished steel for a nice shine. Please note, this is not stainless steel so it will rust if exposed to moisture. Wipe them dry after use and don't leave them in the cross ties on a rainy day and you'll be fine!

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