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EnviroEquine Electrobalance


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EnviroEquine Electrobalance

A concentrated source of sodium and chloride with no added sugar (dextrose), ElectroBalance replaces electrolytes lost during periods of intense sweating and minimizes the risk of electrolyte depletion through sweat in sport horses or urine in racehorses administered Lasix. Electrolyte depletion can lead to early onset of fatigue and problems with muscle function, and has negative implications for bone health. Proper hydration encourages post-exercise muscle glycogen replenishment, and natural vitamin E supports muscle recovery after intense exercise. Available as a granule for daily use as well as easy-to-administer syringes that are convenient during transportation.

+ Electrolyte Sweat Replacer

+ Recovery Support

+ Natural Vitamin E

+ Organic Trace Minerals

+ No Sugar (Dextrose) or Fillers

+ Encourages Horses to Drink

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