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Back On Track Shoulder Guard

Back On Track

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Back On Track Shoulder Guard
The Back on Track® range of high performance clothing and horse wear promotes a feeling of well-being through the use of advanced technology with foundations in ancient Chinese medicine. Developed in Sweden, Back on Track products are widely used by professional riders worldwide.
The New Back on Track Shoulder Guard is a stylish, hardwearing and functional equine product similar in appearance to a traditional anti-rub vest. In addition to minimising rubbed shoulders, the Back on Track Shoulder Guard also protects the horse’s withers and shoulders with three usefully placed pads. The pads are made from high functional three dimension padding to ensure the best airflow. The Shoulder Guard also provides the Back on Track “effect” as it is made from unique Welltex® fabric.
All Back on Track garments are made from Welltex® fabric with infra-red technology. Ceramic particles are fused into the fibres of the fabric, causing heat to radiate back towards the body. This reflected long-wave heat increases blood circulation, relieves joint tension, improves performance and helps avoid injury.
The Back on Track Shoulder Guard puts Welltex fabric around the shoulders, the pectoral muscles in the chest, trapezius around the withers and the deltoid muscle. If damaged, these delicate muscles can often require significant lengths of time to heal.
The Back on Track shoulder guard is designed for performance horses and those recovering from shoulder injury.

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