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Fuller Fillies Vixen Show Jacket


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Fuller Fillies Vixen Show Jacket
Fuller Fillies Vixen Show Jacket

Flatteringly tailored Wool Mix Hacking Jacket, designed exclusive for the larger lady rider. 

Fabric: Wool/Polyester mix weave with Teflon coating

Fit: Generous Tailored

Colours: Charcoal, Blue/Grey 

Features: Teflon Coating, Embossed Fuchsia lining, colour coded button holes and buttons to cuff, deep double vents, flattering neck line, and expertly cut to flatter the fuller figure..

A Beautiful jacket which flatters the figure, perfectly creating a waist even if you don't have one!

Made from a lighter weight mix of wool and polyester offering the very best of both man made and natural fibres with the added shower proofing and stain retardancy of Teflon coating.

Generously cut to offer a wider flare to the skirt, and plenty of room across the upper back and upper arm to accommodate all of your lovely plus sized curves, whilst providing an extremely professional, and figure flattering hacking jacket. All Fuller Fillies garments are designed around a plus sized body shape, with consideration for the bits that you want to accentuate (as well as the bits you would rather disguise).

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