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Fuller Fillies Sticky Vicki Full Seat Breech


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Fuller Fillies Sticky Vicki Full Seat Breech
Fuller Fillies Sticky Vicki Full Seat Breech
Fuller Fillies Sticky Vicki Full Seat Breech

Fabric: Woven Cotton / Nylon / Elastane

Fit: Comfort/Firm

Colours: Royal Blue, Rust, Black, Grape, Graphite, Black, Truffle, White   

Features: Deep waistband for back support, zipped pocket to front, silicon printed full-seat, Lycra cuff

* Sizes are in UK sizes only (which run one size larger than regular US sizing)

I had a friend who asked me to make Breeches ‘to keep her in the saddle’; We lost Vicki to Cancer in 2014 ago but it seemed only right to name these in her memory!

Also, quite rightly the Sticky Vicki are THE MOST GLAMOROUS legwear ever to leave our doors; let’s start with the fabric…Cotton with Spandex gives comfort whilst the Nylon ads a touch of robust and has the effect of smoothing out all your lumps and bumps; the deep waistband (which is stretchy) holds you all together and is fantastic if you get the odd niggle out riding…then there’s the silicon printing! In our own feminine swirl design the print is right across the full seat are and gives superb stickability - it won’t keep you in the saddle bit IT WILL keep you in position in the saddle. And for those of you unfamiliar with the Lycra Cuff just know that it gives the most comfy and smooth line under long boots and half-chaps.

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